Keeping Your Finances in Good Health Amid Rising Inflation

Posted by Steve Boyes on Apr 19, 2023 5:03:12 PM

Secret to Healthy Finances

No business has escaped the inflationary surge over the past year. During these very uncertain times, many organisations have had to re-adjust and re-calibrate as they try to manage their finances and fluctuating costs caused by inflation.

Higher prices for goods and services impact on production costs, resulting in increased consumer prices and potentially lower profit margins. This can lead to reduced consumer spending, slower economic growth and greater uncertainty for businesses. In addition, rising inflation can (as we have seen) directly affect interest rates and the value of currency, making it difficult for businesses to expand into international markets.

Cost Containment

Better Understanding FinancesOrganisations of all sizes that aim to thrive in these financially challenging times are turning to analytics and cost accounting to better understand their business.

High inflation will continue to be an issue in 2023, at different levels across different countries. Organisations will be doing everything in their power to limit their exposure with initiatives such as:


  • Paying close attention to cost accounting and leverage analytics to find those cost reduction opportunities

  • Conducting regular vendor cycles to put pressure on suppliers to absorb costs and look to re-negotiate terms on agreements, where possible

  • Continuing to rely on technology - with many organisations having moved to the cloud during COVID. Going forward, organisations will rely even more heavily on cloud technology with all the favourable security and agility benefits they came to appreciate during COVID.


Seeing the Value from your Technology InvestmentTech Investment

Finance leaders are looking to their technology investments to see how to extract even more value from their systems by:

  • Reviewing existing systems to see where the gaps are and what is required to bring greater value. Upgrading, adding more modules, integrating more systems can all help to bring additional value to the organisation

  • Leveraging AI where possible across the organisation is key. AI may exist within current systems or it could be something that requires an upgrade. In any case, finance executives are leaning heavily in favour or automation to help exploit opportunities to save money and make teams more productive

  • Reaching out to service providers (such as Envisage) to help customers optimise their systems to take advantage of functionality such as AI, reporting and data analytics, predictive forecasting, budgeting and planning


Better Understand your Finances

Financial DashboardCloud Financial Systems such as Sage Intacct can transform your business from spreadsheet-reliant to slick and efficient, where a world of insights and analytics is unlocked. With 24/7 data at your fingertips, there are no excuses for not having the financial data you need in real-time.

By using Sage Intacct’s detailed dashboards and reporting capabilities, it's easier than ever to keep a close eye on your data to ensure that nothing important is being overlooked. Not only does this increased visibility heighten your awareness to any financial problems or new market trends that may occur, but you can also forecast more accurately. The transparency and understanding that Sage cloud-based solutions provide means you can flexible with your approach to handling the current uncertain economic times.

If current inflation trends are causing uncertainty in your industry and placing further pressure on cost containment, it’s important to ensure you have the right tools in place to help you manage your day-to-day finances. There are several benefits to using Sage finance and accounting solutions like Sage Intacct to help you keep your finances on track and in good health.


Plan Ahead, Even in Uncertain TimesPlanning Ahead 

Although there is no crystal ball here, experts predict recessionary conditions ahead and so no matter what way things pan out, planning is key. The organisation that is equipped with the facts and figures in meaningful dashboards is already one step ahead of the company that just can't see the wood from the trees. This is where Sage’s best-in-class accounting functionality comes in. Sage Intacct can help you overcome challenges all businesses are likely to face.

By analysing data regularly with Sage Intacct accounting software, you can lean into cost-reduction initiatives and eliminate unnecessary costs from your operations. This alone can make a big impact during these very uncertain times, helping you to save money and stay afloat. This flexible and powerful financial management system also connects with other industry-specific solutions to provide you with the data you need across your organisation to drive your future success. Having one comprehensive system is invaluable and it will help you to be as prepared as possible for whatever the future has in store.


Become More Efficient

Being More EfficientBecoming more efficient has grown in importance for businesses of all sizes and Sage solutions can help you to streamline operations. Using automation modules can help you to extend staff and resources by reducing manual processes, and you can improve day-to-day operations. This can have a big impact on your bottom line and help you save money organisation-wide. Sage Intacct has a simple interface, so it’s easy for the whole team to incorporate into their roles.

Using automation can also help to reduce human error and inconsistencies, making your data more reliable. When employees don’t have to manually enter information into a system, which can be very time-consuming, you can trust that your financial reports will be accurate. You can then make business decisions based on up-to-date reports in confidence knowing that the data is correct and you don’t have to deal with the consequences of errors later down the line. As your business grows and scales, additional functionality is available to ensure Sage Intacct is still able to meet your requirements, improving productivity and profitability.


Speak to an Expert About Sage Intacct in IrelandBusiness Investment and Growth 

If you’re concerned about rising inflation and the uncertainty it has caused in your industry, then investing in cloud financial systems such as Sage Intacct accounting software can be hugely beneficial. With the correct tools, macroeconomic inflation factors won’t have such a big impact on your finances and you can ensure that you keep them in good health.

To speak to an expert about Sage Intacct in Ireland and to find out more about how you can manage your finances more effectively, get in touch with our team at Envisage today. We work closely with businesses to provide solutions that revolutionise their operations. We will happily discuss the Sage Intacct cloud-based system with you in more detail and help you determine whether it’s the best option for your business at this time.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to businesses of all sizes and we genuinely care about the outcome of the projects we work on. You will be in very good hands when you turn to us for Sage Intacct in Ireland.


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Author: Steve Boyes, Customer Care Director

Steve Boyes Customer Care Director

Steve has been a valued member of the Envisage Team for over four years. In his role as Customer Care Director, Steve oversees project deliveries and customer care. Steve's meticulous planning and scheduling skills ensure that customer projects run like clockwork . Working closely with our project delivery, customer support and account management teams, Steve aligns customer challenges with the best solution for their business, helping customers get real value from their Sage 200 and Sage Intacct investments.


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